Ever Bloom
Evermore 2


Ever Bloom


Blonde, light skin, blue eyes, pretty






Riley Bloom (sister) Sabine (aunt)

"I love you." -Ever

"And I love you. Always have. Always will." -Damen

Ever Bloom is the main character of the Immortals Series. At first she doesn't want her psychic powers, but later accepts them after being with Damen.


Ever has a very small yet defined facial structure, her nose, cheekbones and chin are very soft but stand out in certain times. She has a very pale complexion and has a scar on the left part of her face, stating from the book it is above her eyebrow, however, it disappears at the end of Evermore due to her forgiving herself for the accident.

Ever has long blond hair that is straight and waist-long. It is mostly always pulled up into a high pony tail and hidden underneath a hoodie which hides her scar after the accident, before she wore it down.

It's only after Evermore that Ever wears her hair down and resumes being a little feminine than before.


Before the accident that claimed her family's lives Ever was the epitome of popularity, she was a blond and bubbly cheerleader. Through she didn't out right bully the less popular kids in her school she never gave them much notice either.

After the accident Ever became an extremely depressed and gulit-ridden young woman. A shadow of her former self. Believing she was responsible for her family's demise. Her unwanted psychic abilities caused by dying at the accident for a few seconds further exacerbated her already depressive state.


After the car crash that took her parents, sister & puppy's lives. Ever's near death experience caused her to be able to see peoples auras, but that wasn't all. Ever can also read thoughts and know parts of people's life at the touch. She despises this and she wishes her powers gone just so she can go back to the normal life she had before, without being branded a freak.