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Kaya Scodelario as Haven

Haven is the best friend of Ever Bloom, and Miles.

Haven's mom is having an affair with her trainer, and her father doesn't care about Haven, her little brother, or his wife. Because of her lack of attention at home, she strives for attention elsewhere, by dressing in phases to stand out, such as ballerina, preppy, and goth. By the end of Evermore she has decided to resign to skinny jeans and band tee's. At one point, she recieves the tattoo all rouge Immortals have (the snake eating its tail).

She also has an addiction with going to meetings for people with different addictions. At each meeting, she makes a sob story about how she struggles with that addiction {drugs, alcohol, sex etc.} even though she has none of those.

She's easily impressionalble, as shown in Evermore, when she hangs out with Drina-- Damen's ex-wife-- she starts to dress like her. And again in Blue Moon when she hangs out with Stacia and Honor.

At the end of Shadowland, Roman, one of the first Immortals and the first rogue Immortal, tricks Haven into drinking something that almost kills her. In a moment of panic, Ever refusing to lose Haven even though she knows all immortals will someday have to suffer in Shadowland, she gives Haven the elixir.

Finally being beautiful in Dark Flame, she starts to date Roman (even though he almost killed her. Haven becomes somewhat evil and gets into many fights with Ever. Miles notices to, but soon she doesn't even bother to listen to him anymore. When Ever's 'dark flame' takes over her and Haven sees Ever with Roman, she can't stand Ever. Then when Jude kills Roman with Ever there and Haven walks in, Ever becomes unforgivable. She swears her revenge on Ever.

All throughout Night Star, Haven trys to make Ever suffer, physically and emotionally, and ends up temporarily killing Ever. Unbeknownst to her, Ever overcomes her weak chakra and comes back to settle things with a shocked Haven. Ever wants to end things peacefully, but Haven loses it. She chokes Miles and holds Roman's antidote-stained shirt (a shirt that is supposedly Ever's last chance of getting the recipe for the antidote for Damen) over the fire. Ever has to make a painful choice, and gets Haven's weak chakra, killing her and sending her to Shadowland. This ends up burning the shirt, but saves Miles' life.

In Everlasting, Ever saves Haven from Shadowland and she's over all of her hatred toward Ever.