Riley Bloom


Riley Bloom







Riley Bloom is the twelve year old sister of Ever Bloom. After dying in a car accident, she visits Ever. The first time was when Ever was in the hospital. After asking many questions, Ever learned that if she did ask questions, Riley would not visit her.

Ever and a psychic named Ava are the only people aware of Riley's presence. Riley has the power to dress up any way she would like which is one of her favorite past-times, second, only to spy on celebrities and learning if all the gossip is true, and sometimes making some gossip of her own. After meeting Ava, Riley thinks over the idea of crossing over to be with her family. Ever became furious after finding out that Ava convinced Riley that she did not belong to this world and must cross the bridge. Ever said that Riley is the only family she has left. But in the end of the book, "Evermore", she does end up crossing over. But in Blue Moon, it is revealed that Riley helped the twins called Romy and Rayne. She taught those two on how to behave and act in the modern world. That's how they got those uniforms, because Riley manifested a school in Summerland, teaching them those things.